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In a constantly evolving threat landscape where attackers are utilizing increasingly complex techniques and tactics, enterprises need to strengthen the controls in place, improve on its security posture and minimize Cyber Risk to the company‘s mission.

Security Monitoring

Self contained monitoring service which can help our clients focus on business needs and leave the security to us.

Our monitoring service utilizes Network and Host based sensors and controls. In case of an incident or a breach, the team can quickly deploy prevention controls, tested beforehand, to minimize the risk to the organization and ensuring business continuity.

Threat & Vulnerability Management

Our team of researchers are constantly uncovering new vulnerabilities and zero days attacks providing a mature identification and management approach. 

We help our clients identify, prioritize, remediate, monitor and report vulnerabilities across their entire organization. Several Federal and Commercial organizations rely on us for detection.

Risk & Compliance Assessment

Our multi-faceted Risk & Compliance activity employs activities including Static and Dynamic Application Security testing, evaluation of Intellectual Property, sensitive data handling and protection capabilities and authentication & authorization controls to provide a rigorous assessment of your organization’s exposure to known security threats and vulnerabilities.

24/7 Support and Staff Augmentation

We work with our clients hand in hand. Our team not only helps secure the business assets and processes from unauthorized access 24x7, our helpful staff is also available to augment your cyber security team as needed.

Whether you need someone to just help on a temporary basis or you need staff to take over an entire shift, we are here for you.

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Cyber Security Service Offerings

Our Cyber Security services are focused on helping businesses meet their security goals. These can vary from helping with Incident Detection & Prevention, Compliance & Vulnerability management or in some cases building a state of art Cyber Program.

Compliance Program Offerings

Becoming SOC 2 compliant is easier than expected. Being SOC 2 compliant not just helps strengthen internal business operations but, also helps attract more customers.

If your company stores data in the cloud, or you are in SAAS business then you need to be SOC 2 compliant.

Achieving SOC 2 compliance means you have established controls with required levels of oversight across your organization. Specifically, you are using a process for tracking unusual system activity, authorized and unauthorized system configuration changes, and user access levels.

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ISO 27001 establishes Information Security Management System standards and controls to achieve security across the board in an organization.

While more involved and requiring a certification from an accredited certification body, ISO 27001 is the only auditable standard that deals with management of information security.

Certification requires a two phase audit process where the first phase looks at the documentation for established controls and second phase looks at the implementation of these controls. Rogue Logics provides services for not just documentation but, also, implementation and external audits.

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HiTrust certification ensures compliance to HIPAA standards as defined by the United States federal statute for storage and transmission of electronic data pertaining to the healthcare industry.

For firms engaged in healthcare business in the United States, HiTrust certification is almost a requirement. It helps provide measurable criteria and objectives for applying appropriate administrative,  technical and physical safeguards.

Rogue Logics can help with the documentation and  implementation of the controls. We also help organizations get certified.

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GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation has been established by the European Union for data protection and privacy within the region.

Businesses transacting in the region are required to protect the personal data and privacy of all citizens and must implement controls and measures to this effect.

GDPR Certification service helps document policies related to personal data and privacy. Rogue Logics also provides training for the staff to educate them on the law and compliance. Trainings are provided as needed to ensure compliance to the law.

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California Consumer Privacy Act grants consumers more control over personal information collected by the businesses in the state of California.

Businesses operating in California must adhere to this act and implement measures to ensure that consumers get complete details on the information being collected about them, how it is used and shared. They get a choice to request deletion or opt-out of the sale of this information. Businesses cannot discriminate against consumers who exercise these rights.

Rogue Logic educates businesses on CCPA law and helps them meet the requirements defined therein.

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Round the Clock Security

 When hackers and attackers do not take a break, we see no reason why we should. With our signature 24/7 continuous monitoring of your critical business assets, we make sure that we provide you world class cyber security services at a fraction of the cost. Our geographically distributed team ensures protection and security of your infrastructure round the clock.

Security Assessment

As the business grows and as the technology changes rapidly, the need to have regular and frequent assessment is even more critical to understand security risks to your business.

Detection and Response

Time is of essence when it comes to detection and response to threats. Quick and timely response to cyber attacks is utmost critical and can make or break the business. 

Cloud Security

With the shift to cloud, more and more businesses get exposed to new threats and vulnerabilities which necessitates a clear balance between benefits of adoption and security. 

Managed Services

Staying on top of security requires resources that are not always available. Our state of the art SOC provides the missing link and can make a huge difference to your security posture.


Protect assets against cyber attacks

Our approach is a simple outside-in approach. This means securing the business from outside and then securing all loose ends inside.

  • Predict Threats

    Identify likely risks to systems, people, assets, data, and business functions to anticipate attack vectors.

  • Prevent Breaches

    Harden systems and implement cyber security safeguards, ensuring business continuity.

  • Detect Intruders

    Develop methods to identify malicious activity and effective interpretation and containment.

  • Respond to Threats

    Implement effective procedures to mitigate the impact and  quickly recover and restore business operations.

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What Clients Say About Us

Nothing completes the picture except real validation from real clients. See why our clients love us and why you need to engage us for your firm as well.

24/7 Security Operation Center

State of the art managed monitoring service helps our clients detect and respond to attacks ranging from simple breaches to complex campaigns conducted by sophisticated adversaries.

  • Network Monitoring
  • SIEM Threat Detection
  • E-mail Scanning & Filtering
  • Web Application Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring (NIST)
  • Host Monitoring
  • Unauthorized Access
  • Website Traffic Check
  • Asset Protection
  • 24/7 Continuous Service
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