Cloud Transformation Services

Cloud Transformation?

Cloud transformation is the strategic process of migrating an organization’s data, applications, and IT resources from traditional on-premises infrastructure to cloud-based platforms and services. It is a complete cycle of digital innovation that enables you to transfer your entire IT infrastructure to cloud for easy accessibility, communication, and data storage. From end-to-end modernization of an organization’s legacy applications and infrastructure to optimization of the organization’s analytics and data, cloud transformation is going to benefit your business in multiple ways.

Key Benefits

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business landscape, the ability to adapt quickly and foster innovation is critical for organizational success. This dynamic environment demands a departure from traditional, on-premises IT infrastructure towards more agile and forward-looking solutions. This is where cloud transformation emerges as a pivotal catalyst for change.

Cloud transformation represents a strategic shift that transcends mere technological adoption. It embodies a fundamental reimagining of how businesses operate and leverage technology to drive their objectives. The driving force behind this transformation lies in the recognition that agility and innovation have become the lifeblood of modern enterprises.

Traditional on-premises infrastructure often struggles to keep pace with the rapidly evolving demands of today’s markets. It can be costly, inflexible, and time-consuming to scale, limiting an organization’s ability to respond to market shifts, emerging opportunities, or unforeseen challenges. In contrast, cloud-based solutions offer a wealth of benefits that empower businesses to not only keep up with the digital age but to thrive within it.

Unmatched Scalability

To keep up with the competition, businesses need enhanced scaling capabilities to accommodate priorities and keep up with the evolving marketplace. Cloud services act as a key differentiator here and empower you to scale your resources up or down based on demand, ensuring you always have the right amount of computing power precisely when you need it.

Enhanced Security

Not keeping data on-premise is a big hassle for many organizations but so is other data as the possibility of data theft, phishing, and malware is a major concern. However, on-premises data is way more prone to attacks than cloud stored data will ever be. Cloud stored data gives you a higher level of security through advanced encryption, data redundancy, and real-time threat monitoring, along with a faster, and safer backup option.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

One-click solutions are a new norm in the virtual world, and cloud-native applications allow for rapid deployment and updates, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. With cloud transformation, you can boost data access, have seamless collaborations in real-time, eliminate data silos, and improvise analytical abilities across your organization.

Improved Cost Management

Organizational data management costs can soar high if the right resources are not used. Moving to cloud services will help your business eliminate capital expenditures associated with physical infrastructure. No more hefty upfront investments in hardware and maintenance. With cloud services, you pay only for what you use, and scale as needed. Plus, you can cancel anytime you want!

Accessibility and Collaboration

Cloud solutions break down geographical barriers, enable your multiple teams to collaborate seamlessly from anywhere in the world, and across various time zones. Moreover, when your teams can access, retrieve, and process information anytime, your business gains a competitive edge over other businesses, and can easily align employee goals with that of the organization.

Innovation Acceleration

Leverage cutting-edge technologies like AI, machine learning, and data analytics that are readily available on cloud platforms. Stay ahead of the curve by integrating innovative solutions into your operations.

Solutions Offered

Our customizable packages cater to businesses of all sizes, allowing you to choose the level of transformation that aligns with your goals and budget. From essential migrations to comprehensive cloud-native solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Express Solution
Express & Transform Solution
Transform & Optimize Solution

This solution is for customers who just want to move their applications & data “as-is” to the cloud.

Services we will perform:

  • Client Data and Application Infrastructure Discovery (typically spans 1-3 weeks). Includes high level solution design and delivery plan (scope).
  • Cloud Environment setup (if needed)
  • Server to server migration.
  • Applications including the underneath services (like DB’s, application/web servers/Authentication & Authorization with identity provider/networking) remain the same.
  • Data is migrated to the cloud as is.
  • Only “minimal” re-architecture is done to ensure the applications run in the cloud as is.
  • Test, Deliver, Ongoing Support (limited)
  • Customer Sign-off

For customers who want to move applications & data and modernize the applications in the process.

Services we will perform:

  • Client Data and Application Infrastructure Discovery 
    • Typically spans 1-3 weeks
    • Client Landscape analysis, issue, bottlenecks, future technology roadmap review etc. through product documentation, system analysis, meetings, discussions etc.
    • Includes high level Solution Design (Application, Data, Integration Re-Architecture)
    • Cost Estimate (based on proposed solution, technologies etc.)
    • Delivery Plan (scope) – Agile
    • Sign-off from customer
  • Cloud Environment setup (if needed), including application and data infrastructure.
  • Based on “agreed upon re-architecture”, we will migrate applications including the underneath services (like DB’s, application/web servers/Authentication & Authorization with IDP’s/networking) to the cloud including data.
  • Application Integrations, Gateways (e.g. mobile, payment etc.) migration to Cloud
  • Data Architecture, Integration, migration, quality (cleansing) etc.
  • Configuration and execution of Solution Services (e.g. security, application monitoring, etc. on Cloud.
  • Test, Deliver, Ongoing Support (limited)
  • Customer Sign-off

For Customers who already have their apps running in the cloud but need to “modernize” their apps and infrastructure. A typical example of this is “containerization” using “Managed K8S” clusters like EKS or ECS or “Managed DB services” like RDS etc.

Services we will perform:

  • Assess what are the goals of the Re-Architecture and Optimizations.
  • Assess the current architecture to understand what kind of optimizations can be done including (but not limited to) containerization and/or moving to “managed DB services” etc.
  • After the assessment, we will suggest re-architecture of the application (if needed).
  • Based on “agreed upon re-architecture”, we will re-architect applications including the underneath services (like DB’s, application/web servers/Authentication & Authorization with IDP’s/networking).
  • Test, Deliver, Ongoing Support (limited)
  • Customer Sign-off

Hear from the Industry Leaders

Listen to the experiences of industry pioneers whose operations underwent a profound transformation through our cloud services:

“Cloud transformation allowed us to reduce IT costs by 30% while improving our customer experiences. It’s a game-changer for businesses looking to stay competitive.”

Mark Leo, CIO of Global Ventures

“Since migrating to the cloud, our operational efficiency has skyrocketed. We’re now able to deliver new features to our customers faster than ever before. Working with the Rogue Logics team made the process so effortless and the results bigger than ever.”

Jane Alexander, CEO of TechWave Solutions