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Think again. Cyber Security is not a choice. Do you really want to risk your future?

Unparalleled Cyber Security Certifications and Services

Industry experts providing world class cyber security certifications and consulting services to secure your business. Rogue elements are out there looking to harm you and they are relentless. What are you going to do about it?

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About Us

Cyber Security Services

constant modification. Attackers employ incredibly advanced techniques and tactics, and Enterprise requires a reliable security consulting partner. And that security consulting partner is Rogue Logics. We provide uniquely effective cyber security solutions to supplement in-house Cyber Defense teams and strengthen controls to improve security posture and reduce Cyber Risk.

Research & Analysis

By leveraging the advanced platform and concierge delivery model, our team of cyber security certified researchers and scientists ensures that we give hackers a hard time. We provide security consulting 24 hours a day and detect emerging risks and zero-day attacks, which we then share with all our clients in order to secure their mission-critical assets.

Risk & Compliance

Information technology is growing rapidly, and it is important to understand and handle how data is shared, stored, and received. A part of our security consulting is keeping you in compliance with rapidly changing regulations while protecting your business. We assist your organization in ensuring compliance through our highly knowledgeable security consulting team by adhering to cybersecurity best practices that satisfy current rules and regulations.

World Class Services

In a continuously growing threat environment, defending against the plethora of cyber security threats targeting your business necessitates a unique combination of specialist knowledge, techniques, and intellect achievable only with a highly-functioning, 24/7 world-class cyber security consulting services

Security Monitoring

Our monitoring information security services allow our clients to concentrate on what they do best while we handle the security.

We use network-based sensors and controls in our Cybersecurity monitoring service. In the event of an incident or a breach, the team can quickly implement preventative measures and controls to reduce risk to the organization while ensuring the business’s survival.


Threat & Vulnerability Management

Our research team is constantly discovering new threats and zero-day attacks in order to provide better network security solutions and IT compliance in a mature management approach.

We assist our clients in identifying, optimizing, remediating, monitoring, and reporting vulnerabilities throughout their organization. We also offer cyber security consulting and compliance services to several federal and commercial organizations.

Risk & Compliance Assessment

Our comprehensive Risk & IT Compliance assessment services include Static and Dynamic Application Security Testing, Intellectual Property evaluation, and sensitive data handling and protection capabilities. We also offer security consulting and cyber security testing, which includes a thorough assessment of your organization’s vulnerability to known security threats and vulnerabilities.

24/7 Support and Staff Augmentation

We can help you whether you require someone to provide temporary cyber security consulting or an entire staff to take over your IT security services.

Our team works around the clock to protect your company’s assets and processes from unauthorized access and is also available to supplement your cyber security team as needed.

Cyber Security Consulting
Cyber Security Consulting

Cyber Security Service Offerings

Our Cyber Security consulting services aim at assisting businesses in meeting their security needs. These can range from assisting with incident detection and prevention, IT compliance attestation, vulnerability management, and, in some cases, developing a cutting-edge cyber plan.

Managed Detection & Response

Where Does the MDR Service Fit in Your Overall Security Posture?

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Malware Analysis and Research

Pro-active and reactive security techniques to protect your territory

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Business Continuity

For businesses across various industries, we are the iron hand they rely on to ensure that their entity is iron-clad against any disruption

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Security Architecture Consulting

The stakes are high to secure your architecture against vulnerabilities. Our decades of operational intelligence will uniquely protect your enterprise and fortify your security system

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Risk & Compliance

Compliance to law is not optional. In fact, it is a requirement for majority of the commercial and public RFPs.

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IT Infrastructure Management

Agile & Cost-Effective Management of Your IT Environment With Best-of-Breed Capabilities & Solutions

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Compliance Program Offerings

SOC 2 compliance is simpler than expected. SOC 2 compliance attestation services not only aids in improving the internal company’s operations but also helps to attract more clients.

If your company holds data in the cloud or provides SAAS, you must be SOC 2 compliant. It means that you have implemented controls with the necessary levels of supervision throughout your organization. You’re specifically tracking extraordinary system activity, authorized and unauthorized system configuration modifications, and user access levels.

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ISO 27001 sets up Information Security Management System guidelines and procedures to achieve organization-wide security.

It is the only auditable standard that deals with information security management. It is more involved and requires cyber security certifications from an accredited cyber security certification body.

Moreover, this is among those cyber security certifications necessitates a two-phase audit process in which the first phase examines the paperwork for comprehensive management, and the second concerns the execution of these controls. Rogue Logics offers services such as documentation, execution, and external audits.

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HiTrust certification is also among those cyber security certifications that ensures compliance with HIPAA standards, outlined by a federal statute in the United States for the transmission and storage of digital information relating to the healthcare sector.

HiTrust certification is another one of cyber security certifications almost mandatory for healthcare firms in the United States. It contributes to the development of measurable criteria and objectives for implementing appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards.

Rogue Logics can assist with control documentation and implementation. We also assist organizations in becoming certified.

The European Union established GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, for privacy and data security within the continent.

Businesses transacting in the region must protect all citizens’ privacy and personal data and enforce controls and safeguards to that end.

This service aids in the documentation of policies concerning personal information and privacy. Rogue Logics also offers employee training to enlighten them on legislation and compliance. Furthermore, we ensure legal compliance through our training.


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The European Union established GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, for privacy and data security within the continent.

Businesses transacting in the region must protect all citizens’ privacy and personal data and enforce controls and safeguards to that end.

This service aids in the documentation of policies concerning personal information and privacy. Rogue Logics also offers employee training to enlighten them on legislation and compliance. Furthermore, we ensure legal compliance through our training.

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The California Consumer Privacy Act gives California residents more power over personal data gathered by businesses in the state.

Businesses in California must comply with this act and enforce measures to ensure that customer gets full information about the data gathered about them and how it is processed and shared. They can request the deletion or opt out of the sale of this information. Businesses are not allowed to discriminate against customers who exercise their rights.

Rogue Logic educates businesses on CCPA law and assists them in meeting these cyber security certifications’ requirements. We also provide cyber security certifications to your staff and employees.

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Cyber Security Certifications

Round the Clock Security

We see no justification for taking a vacation when hackers and attackers do not. We provide world-class cyber security consulting services at a fraction of the cost by employing our signature security consulting and 24/7 continuous monitoring of your critical business assets. Our geographically dispersed team protects and secures your infrastructure around the clock.

Security Assessment

As your company grows, it becomes even more critical to conduct regular and frequent security assessments to understand security risks. A security assessment is essential to a company’s risk management strategy. It enables an organization to view its utilization of assets holistically—from the perspective of an attacker. It even assists managers in making insightful resource allocation, tooling, and cybersecurity implementation decisions.

Detection and Response

When it comes to detecting and responding to threats, time is of the essence. It is critical in cybersecurity to detect a breach as soon as possible and to be able to disable and isolate the intruder. A timely and effective response to cyber-attacks can make or break a company.

Cloud Security

Cloud security is a set of safety precautions to safeguard cloud-based infrastructure, software, and data. As more businesses migrate to the cloud, they are exposed to new threats and vulnerabilities, which necessitates a clear equilibrium between the advantages of adoption and security.

Managed Services

Keeping up with security requires resources that aren’t always readily available. Our managed services enable businesses to rapidly expand with a well-trained and experienced staff that can handle a fluctuating volume of business. Our cutting-edge SOC is the missing component and can significantly impact your security posture.

Cyber Security Consulting

Protect assets against cyber attacks

Our approach is straightforward and from the outside in. This includes securing the business from the outside and tying up any loose ends inside.

  • Predict Threats

    The difficulty in security consulting is forecasting cyber-attacks with the latest systems as there are too many routes for hackers to take, their intentions are uncertain, and their reliance on communication and cloud storage is unparalleled. In order to anticipate attack vectors, we recognize likely risks to systems, people, assets, data, and business operations.

  • Prevent Breaches

    In 2021 alone, more than 5000 reported breaches ultimately led to the loss of millions of dollars. As your security consultant toughen systems and implement cyber security safeguards to ensure business continuity. Some main strategies include placing security software, mimicking network attacks to spot security flaws, staying aware of information’s latest innovations, and tracking networks for data breaches.

  • Detect Intruders

    Intrusions can occur both from the outside and within your core network. Some intrusions notify you that an attacker has entered your site, while others vandalize it with obscene graphics or messages. We create methods for detecting malicious activity as well as effective analysis and control. These methods could be either signature-based or anomaly-based intrusion detection.

  • Respond to Threats

    A good threat response includes being as direct as possible, emphasizing the known while promising a timely follow-up on any unknown. We accomplished this by putting in place appropriate techniques to mitigate the impact and quickly recover and reinstate business operations.

Cyber Security Consulting

What Clients Say About Us

Nothing completes the picture except real validation from real clients. See why our clients love us and why you need to engage us for your firm as well.

We had serious security flaws in our core codebase. After years of struggle with web app malfunctions, we finally reached out to Rogue Logics and our code is super secure now.

Samuel Taylor


When our website got breached, we had no idea what to do. We were referred to Rogue Logics and we have not looked back since. Super friendly folks with superb security background.

Stacy Adams

Security Analyst

We landed a major client and got stumped when they inquired if we were ISO 27001 certified. A quick search and several months later, we were and we got the business that we so badly needed.

John Amos

Security Architect

We purchased a new firewall and needed someone who could configure it for our firm with optimal security and provide 24×7 monitoring capability as well. Now, I can sleep peacefully at night again.

Sarah Railey

IT Manager

Rogue Logics helped us with penetration testing and I was so happy to see a detailed report with remediation steps. They even offered a complimentary rescan after the fixes were applied.

Marjorie Davis


Rogue Logics engaged us to certify one of their clients on SOC 2. The level of detail in the policies and controls was phenomenal. I could hardly put my finger on something that they needed to fix.

Danny Sherman


24/7 Security Operation Center

Our state-of-the-art information and network security consulting services help our clients detect and respond to attacks ranging from simple breaches to complex campaigns conducted by professional hackers.

  • Network Monitoring
  • SIEM Threat Detection
  • E-mail Scanning & Filtering
  • Web Application Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring (NIST)
  • Host Monitoring
  • Unauthorized Access
  • Website Traffic Check
  • Asset Protection
  • 24/7 Continuous Service

Cyber Security Consulting

Why Us?

Thousands of rapidly growing businesses trust Rogue Logics as their security consulting partner to protect and monitor the data of their thousands of employees. They prefer us to get their cyber security certifications over other service providers for a reason.

We assist their business in becoming and remaining compliant by monitoring their people, systems, and tools to enhance their defense capabilities. While other products have restricted accessibility, we enable broad visibility and integrate seamlessly with existing technology stacks, making it simple to implement while eradicating blind spots and vendor lock-in. Many other reasons include:

Keeps Clients Updated: We frequently update our clients about their projects. These updates are not only timely but also transparent and not sugarcoated.

Cost-Effective: We are cost-effective compared to our rivals. A fixed-fee method guarantees budgeting confidence to our clients, enhancing their trust in us.

Better Performance: With solid infrastructure and methodology for remote auditing, we provide the best security consulting services in the industry.

Compliance: As an industry leader, we have created a procedure and technique incorporating the most current knowledge and technology to mitigate the effect on your assets and ensure a precise and timely audit year after year.

Always on time: We are well-known for our punctuality and have a reputation to maintain. Our Deadline-compliant reporting is always on time, and there is never a delay.

Our Mission and Core Values

Our mission is to build long-term and respected relations with our clients by delivering the highest quality service across our practice areas. We also want to place Cyber Security, Data Protection, and Privacy as key enablers to our client’s success in executing their business model. Core values are:

Innovation with Responsibility

Our business and technological innovations have no unfairness, are non-discriminatory, protect privacy, and are focused on fully realizing financial gains.

Global service 

Utilize our security consulting skills and abilities to deliver innovative technological cyber security solutions globally.

Accountability and Integrity

Maintain impeccable business ethics while adhering to the strictest fiscal guidelines. We stand by our recommendations and accept responsibility for our actions.


Our clients can always count on us to meet our deadlines and stay within budget. They can also rely on us to encourage, hire, and retain the best talent in their industry.


As a partner-centric company, we collaborate with both large and small clients to provide end-to-end solutions to our clients.

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