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An increasing number of cybersecurity attacks constantly pose a threat to organizations. As the severity and frequency of attacks rise, there is a call for a more proactive approach that can find you unknown. Threat hunting helps proactively identify adversaries that have already breached the defenses and find ways to establish a malicious presence in the organization’s network. However, setting up an active threat hunting requires an enormous investment in people and technology, such as:

  • Special security professional skills.
  • Continual education program to keep up with ways of attack.
  • Correctness of information and related events.
  • More technologies and enhanced processes for quick expansion.
  • Best practices and specialized tools.

That is where Rogue logics comes in with its managed threat-hunting services. Our cyber threat hunting team and advanced analytics tools combine network endpoints application and user behavior threat analytics. It undercovers abnormal patterns of behavior.

What Do You Need To Know?

Active Threat Hunting is the proactive use of manual or machine-based tactics by a skilled cyber security analyst to uncover security events or threats that existing automated detection systems have missed.

Threat Hunting isn’t only for a large enterprise with a lot of money to spend. Any company may implement best practices by focusing on the following fundamental characteristics:

• Being proactive

Threat hunting demands proactively sniffing out prospective invaders before any alarms are issued rather than waiting for a warning from an existing security technology.

• Trusting Gut Feeling

The finest threat hunters don’t depend on tools and definitive alarms on rule-based detections that much. Instead, they search for clues and trust their instincts. Then use what they learn to develop automated danger detection procedures.

• Following Traces

Threat hunting is all established on the assumption that an organization’s environment is compromised and that attackers have left traces. It is thus critical to follow all trails and clues to the end, no matter how long the quest may be.

Common Threat Hunting Techniques

active threat hunting

Four basic threat-hunting strategies are used to detect dangers in an enterprise environment.

1. Searching

It entails searching evidence data for specified artifacts using well-stated search criteria, such as complete packet data, flow records, logs, alerts, system events, digital pictures, and memory dumps.

2. Clustering

Clustering is the extracting cluster of comparable data points based on specific criteria from a big data set using machine learning and AI technologies.

3. Grouping

Taking many distinct objects and determining when multiples of them appear together based on specified search parameters is the goal of this approach.

4. Stack counting

This approach, also known as stacking, calculates the number of occurrences for values of a certain kind of data and examines the outliers of those findings.

Our Threat Hunting Services

We have a highly skilled SOC (Security Operations Center) team who work on active threat hunting using advanced security analytics. We have a multi-dimensional threat-hunting algorithm and integrated platform of SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) technologies.

  •   Threat Hunting

At Rogue Logics, we used advanced security analytics, machine learning (ML), and big data predictive analytics to provide threat hunting.

  •  Skilled SOC Team

Our highly skilled data scientists have extensive experience in executing complex assignments, ensuring tangible outcomes.

  • Bi-directional Integration

We provide Bi-directional integration with SIEM and SOAR technologies.

  • Multi-dimension Algorithms

We have a built-in multi-dimensional situational-based algorithm to find abnormal behavior in data.

Threat Hunting Platform

Organizations of every size and industry are facing a new normal. Adversaries are growing more organized and persistent almost daily, and every network faces a never-ending onslaught of attacks.

Many organizations rely exclusively on signature-based threat protection solutions as their first and only line of defense against these attacks. However, even conventional threats can easily bypass protection platforms, and these reactive solutions are often blind to cutting-edge attacks. It leaves an organization’s networks and data vulnerable to damage, destruction, and theft. The answer to this new reality is active threat hunting.

With the next-generation threat-hunting content platform delivering an unending stream of advanced threat-hunting content, enterprises can reliably detect threat actors and malware on their systems and networks, allowing for rapid and consistent remediation.

Rogue Logics’s threat-hunting platform evolves organizations’ reactive security operations into skilled hunt teams, empowering you to dive deeper into data and enabling faster detection of emerging threats to keep your networks and system safe.


Our security team search and discover Threat Hunt and Detection packages using cases and intelligence.


Deploy Threat Hunt and Detection Packages mapped to your unique SIEM, MDR, or other security tools using Rogue Logics’ automated Mapping process.

Our threat hunting team also automatically tailors every hunt package to your company’s unique environment using Rogue Logics automated mapping technology, ensuring customized turnkey advanced threat detection every single time.

The threat-hunting platform enables organizations effortlessly identify and deploy threat-hunting packages to their existing SIEM, MDR, and SOC platforms providing the advanced detection content they need. Additionally, every package includes guided hunt plans, including

  • Contextualized Run books.
  • Actionable Threat Intelligence.
  • Analyst-Focused Remediation.
  • Cyber Threat Emulation.

Rogue Logics give organizations to detect advanced adversaries while maximizing the value of their existing security by transforming traditional analysts into skilled hunters.

Managed Defense Threat Hunting

In today’s threat, landscape attackers are increasingly skilled at evading traditional detection strategies. That means technology alone can’t easily detect these threats. You would need professional cyber threat hunters.

Rogue Logics threat hunting team hunts for threats by collecting and analyzing various endpoint and network artifacts that identify anomalous activity. Managed defense threat hunting is dynamic by up-to-the-minute threat intelligence from the world’s leading experts combined with powerful data analytics and automation. Then, spot anomalies that have been investigated by elite threat hunters.

Threat hunting maps to different frameworks so you can see which controls were subverted and take decisive actions. Most importantly, you can follow our hunters as their work unfolds with managed defense hunting dashboard as you can see hunting activities in real-time.

You’ll also be able to view monthly hunting activity through our attack framework and have unprecedented access to our hypothesis-based hunting. You can use the attack framework to navigate hunting activities and not only see what our IT specialists are hunting.

Review related intelligence armed with detailed investigative findings from managed defense hunt missions. You will know who is targeting you and how and be better equipped to take decisive action throughout your security posture.

Why Implement Threat Hunting?

The benefits of implementing our active threat-hunting services are that it will reduce the time taken to detect and contain threats from spending. Moreover, it minimizes attack surface exposure, reducing the number of attack vectors where unauthorized users try to enter data or extract data.

Active threat hunting will also speed up the process of threat identification by reducing the time taken from infection to detection. Upon threat detection, Managed Detection and Response service providers will:

  1. Asses impact and ensure that the business is not compromised.
  2. Investigate within hours or minutes to determine a response strategy.
  3. Stop the attack and restore affected files with the help of incident response experts.
  4. Investigate further to identify the source and suggest steps to avoid future attacks.

Modern Approach to Threat Hunting

Here at Rogue Logics, our security professionals keep vital goals in perspective when calculating threat-hunting schemes for your enterprise. Our priority is to supply prevention and target detection of threats before a violation takes place.

Ultimately, our active threat-hunting team will ensure you gain enhanced visibility into any vulnerability. It will also allow you to customize responses to any network alert, audit trail, or security event. It reduces the time from alert to resolution.

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