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Malware Analysis, Malware Research

Malware Analysis & Research: active and reactive security techniques to protect your territory

Having a clear understanding of the nature of the attacks you face means that you’ve already protected half the territory. Eradicating it based on the clear understanding takes care of the rest of everything. Malware analysis can help with the understanding. Let our experts help with the malware research.

With hackers and adversaries having a go at networks almost daily, developing a sound understanding of multi-pronged threats can prove quite challenging. Rogue Logics has dedicated malware research teams to routinely research and find ways to eradicate malware. Our experts provide detailed technical data on the nature of each malware threat, along withs its impact and how to contain the threat or even neutralize it. Our team consists of over 100 experienced malware researchers and security analysts, including PhDs and industry-certified experts.

Our malware research is a treasure of information that can help security teams as well as product vendors to deliver security product updates without much hassle. Security teams can use the expansive research to strategically diminish the impact of malware on their environments without spending valuable time researching what it is in the first place.

Malware Analysis, Malware Research

Our cutting-edge security research includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Zero Days
  2. Advance Persistent Threats
  3. Botnets and C&C servers