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Where Does the MDR Service Fit in Your Overall Security Posture?

A SOC for continuous monitoring of your security is essential for maintaining a robust security posture. Rogue Logics provides a Managed SOC service through which continuous monitoring, vulnerability management and incident handling are provided. These services are centered around a SIEM. The MDR service goes beyond this to provide enhanced detection of security compromises and quicker response through a high degree of response automation. The MDR service is based on a machine learning based Big Data analytics platform, enhanced endpoint detection technology and a response automation framework.

If you have high risk exposure to security breaches and need to mitigate breaches in the shortest possible time, or have a high security event load to keep up with in your current SOC, the MDR service is definitely for you.

The value of Rogue Logics MDR for an existing SOC

Organisations that are already operating a SOC can benefit from the MDR service in several ways:

  1. The MDR service can help catch security incidents that the SOC may be missing due to technology limitations e.g. limited Big Data, machine learning and analytics capabilities or lack of security staff bandwidth
  2. Security teams sometimes choose not to collect certain classes of high volume security data due to the high price tag associated with data volume-based licensing schemes in certain security products. The MDR service can be utilised to process this data cost-effectively

Key Features of Rogue Logics MDR Service

Our MDR service is focused on detecting known, unknown and targeted threats quickly and respond to mitigate the threat before it can cause much damage. Our advanced detection capability is powered by:

So How Does MDR Work?

Rogue Logics cybersecurity experts perform 24/7 monitoring of your network and cloud environment to detect threats and quickly move to response and mitigation mode in case a threat is detected. Response and mitigation activities are performed remotely.

Rogue Logics MDR service is delivered through a cloud based SOC eliminating the need for investing in expensive hardware. Compliance policies such as PCI and HIPAA can be easily implemented using security controls and practices.

Service Features

  1. Real-time security event management and analysis
  2. Security incident response
  3. Vulnerability assessment
  4. Malware analysis
  5. Log management and storage
  6. Remote incident investigation and response

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