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In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, cyber threats are a significant concern for organizations of all sizes. Rogue Logics is your trusted partner in ensuring your business’s safety by providing essential services such as penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. Our team of experts simulates real-world attacks to identify vulnerabilities & provide actionable recommendations to improve your security posture.

Penetration Testing: Uncovering Hidden Vulnerabilities

Penetration testing is a comprehensive testing process that involves simulated cyber-attacks on your computer system to discover vulnerabilities and security gaps. The process includes attempting to violate any number of application systems to discover security issues, such as unsensitized inputs that are vulnerable to code injection attacks.

Penetration testing aims to determine whether a discovered vulnerability is legitimate. It is considered authentic if the penetration successfully exploits a potentially sensitive area.

Penetration testing comes in various forms because each engagement is unique regarding its focus, broadness, and duration. We offer the following types of penetration testing:

·       Penetration Testing of Internal and External Infrastructure:

Our experts evaluate on-premise and cloud information systems, which can be classified as either an internal penetration test concentrating on resources within the company network or an external penetration test centered on internet-facing facilities. We can provide you with a detailed report on the number of internal and external IP addresses, how big the network subnet is, and how many sites will be tested to scope a test correctly.

·       Wireless Penetration Testing:

This penetration testing focuses on an organization’s WLAN as well as wireless protocols, which aid in the detection of rogue entry points, encryption flaws, and WPA vulnerabilities. Our testers will need to know the number of wireless and guest networks, locations, and unique SSIDs that need to be assessed for this testing.

·       Web Application Penetration Testing:

We examine websites and specialized applications delivered via the internet to identify coding, layout, and innovation flaws that could be maliciously exploited. It is critical to determine the number of apps that require testing and the number of static pages, dynamic pages, and input fields that must be evaluated.

Vulnerability Assessment: Identifying Security Issues

Vulnerability assessment is a comprehensive strategy for cyberspace security that seeks to identify security problems in your applications, workspaces, or entire organizational network in a systematic and organized manner. It assists organizations in identifying vulnerabilities in their software and supporting infrastructure before they become compromised.

They typically entail the application of automated tools, such as network security scanners, the results of which are documented in a vulnerability assessment report. It is an essential component of IT risk management, allowing security teams to classify security vulnerabilities to remediate them as soon as possible.

We offer the following types of vulnerability assessment:

·       Host Vulnerability Assessment:

Applications and information systems often use servers to operate at the backend. Many attackers make use of such servers to incorporate malware into the system. As a result, it is critical to test servers and examine them for vulnerabilities.

·       Database Vulnerability Assessment:

The database is one of the most important aspects of any information system. It is the location of vital user data. A database system violation could result in significant losses. As a result, it is critical to ensure that no outsider can gain entry, change, or delete the information. This can be accomplished by scanning the database for potential threats and vulnerabilities.

·       Network Vulnerability Assessment:

Injection attacks can occur on private and public networks. This type checks a network for potential problems, which is a better way to avoid significant data losses.


Why Choose Rogue Logics?

At Rogue Logics, we offer top-notch penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services to help you secure your digital assets. Our team of experienced and certified professionals follows a comprehensive approach to identify potential security flaws and provide actionable recommendations to improve your security posture. Here are some reasons why you should choose us for your cybersecurity needs:

·       Industry Expertise

Our team comprises industry experts with years of experience in the cybersecurity domain. We have worked with clients from various industries, including finance, healthcare, technology, and government, to name a few. We understand the security challenges faced by different industries & can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

·       Comprehensive Approach

Our approach to cybersecurity testing is comprehensive and thorough. We don’t just look for vulnerabilities; we also assess your organization’s security policies, compliance needs, employee training, and incident response plans. This helps us provide a holistic view of your security posture and identify areas that need improvement.

·       Cutting-Edge Tools and Techniques

We use the latest tools & techniques to simulate real-world attacks and identify vulnerabilities in your systems. Our team is well-versed in the latest cybersecurity trends and threats, which allows us to stay ahead of the curve & provide you with the best possible protection.

·       Customizable Services

We understand that every organization’s security needs are different. That’s why we offer customizable services to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need a one-time assessment or ongoing support, we can tailor our services to fit your needs and budget.

·       Actionable Recommendations

Our reports are not just a list of vulnerabilities. We provide actionable recommendations that help you improve your security posture. Our team works with you to prioritize the recommendations and develop a plan to address the most critical issues first.

 Our Focus Is To

  1. Uncover vulnerabilities and associated risks
  2. Identify high-risk areas requiring immediate attention
  3. Strategic recommendations for improving security policies and processes
  4. Advise countermeasures and enhancements for your environmental security

Penetration Testing vs Vulnerability Assessment

Our Vulnerability Assessment Service Is Based On

  1. NIST Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment
  2. SANS Security Assessment Guideline for Financial Institution
  3. SANS 20 Critical Security Controls


Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment are critical components of a robust cybersecurity strategy.  Click here, to schedule an appointment and protect your company from any potential attack.

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