vCISO Service

vCISO Service

Rogue Logics vCISO performs the following core functions for its client:

  1. Review of Information Security strategy including 3rd party services-Review and development of Security Policies, Controls, and Procedures
  2. Promoting Information Security Process Maturity
  3. Planning security testing, assessments, and reviews through the compliance function/internal audit
  4. Developing and implementing Risk & Threat Management strategy
  5. Responding to and remediating breaches, overseeing investigations after breaches and incidents, including impact analysis and recommendations for avoiding similar vulnerabilities
  6. Ensuring that disaster recovery and business continuity plans are in place and tested according to cyber incident response planning
  7. Manage all teams, employees, contractors, and vendors involved in IT security
  8. Assisting in procuring security products and services
  9. Protecting the intellectual property of the organization through security strategies
  10. Assisting in Recruiting and training IT engineers and security personnel
  11. Constantly update the cyber security strategies & policies by leveraging new technologies and threat intelligence
  12. Liaisoning with external authorities for cyber security purposes including regulators, vendors, etc.


Cutting-Edge Expertise with Fast & Simple Onboarding

Rogue Logics vCISO service is coupled with the breadth and depth of cyber security experience and expertise to make sound decisions about clients’ cyber security issues. Due to multiple industries’ experience, our vCISO is able to quickly understand clients’ security needs. This advantage provides a stronger return on investment by decreasing onboarding time. Rogue Logics vCISO has access to a team of cybersecurity experts with diverse experience, which can act as an extended resource team when needed.


It may cost more to find the right candidate with the right skill set who is available immediately for the CISO role. Besides, not all companies need a full-time CISO. Hiring a vCISO can reduce payroll costs. In addition, organizations can eliminate the cost of benefits and full-time employee onboarding requirements.

Flexibility & Scalability

Clients can opt for vCISO service for a short-term or even project-based. This helps clients not to commit long-term expenses or payroll costs. The service is scalable and can be extended on short notice for a longer period of time.

Objective Independence

Rogue Logics vCISO service is objectively independent to evaluate the client’s security posture and incident readiness state. As vCISO is not a part of clients’ organization, its sole interest is top-notch service delivery.  Client organizational pressures, agendas, and politics do not affect vCISO service.

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In-House Capability Development

Opting for vCISO service can be highly beneficial for managing the strategic cyber security responsibilities and training and mentoring client staff for security-related responsibilities and challenges. By leveraging this service, clients can identify strengths and weaknesses in their in-house teams and identify the potential areas of improvement.


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