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Vulnerability Assessment

Address vulnerabilities in your environment such that there are no risk areas left to expose or attack

With an increasing number of threats emerging every day, protecting your organization from multidimensional attacks can be an uphill battle. Our team of experts, backed by years of experience, can simplify the task and deliver beyond your expectations.

Our aim is to glean and evaluate vulnerability data from across your enterprise, highlight security risks and position you for strategic and tactical preparedness. All testing is contextualized to your environment and helps you rapidly and accurately identify susceptibilities.

Strategic insights that you can rely on

Our analysts hold various industry certifications and have proved their mettle across various projects at the SMB, enterprise and public sector level. They are trained to perform extremely accurate scanning of your environment, and use state of the art technologies and tools that enable the process to be scalable to vast numbers of systems. The insights we provide you will be strategic intelligence collected after deep assessment of network devices, databases, application ecosystem, operating systems, and virtually any device that is connected to your network. The result will be knowledge of your environment that enables you to easily close any gaps in security.

Our focus is to:

  1. Uncover vulnerabilities and associated risks
  2. Identify high risk areas requiring immediate attention
  3. Strategic recommendations for improving security policies and processes
  4. Advise countermeasures and enhancements for your environment security

Our Vulnerability Assessment service is based on:

  1. NIST Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment
  2. SANS Security Assessment Guideline for Financial Institution
  3. SANS 20 Critical Security Controls

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